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Calling all Data Scientist, Data Engineers, CTO’s, Developers, CEO’s and anyone else looking to 'DoubleUp With DoubleCloud'.

Monthly Webinar Series on Data Storage & Management.

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Decrease The Cost of Your Observability Solution By Building It In Open Source

How to aggregate your Logs, Metrics, and Traces to quickly analyze your Observability data. New hybrid storage solutions mean your data retention could spans years, whilst still reducing costs... allowing you to go back in time to retrieve information from the long tail of data streams
Thursday 12th of January

Why Collecting Data Is Useless If You're Not Effectively Visualising It

Accurate and efficient data visualisations have to be considered the core to any modern data stack and analytics platform. Organisations need to be able to look for meaning in their data and, given the large amounts of it they often have to deal with, portraying it both correctly and in a useful fashion, is vital, if not business-critical. If a user can’t tell at a glance what their data’s saying then are they, in fact, any better off than looking at it in its raw form?
Thursday 9th of February

How To Quickly Ingest Data Into ClickHouse & Still Efficentley Monitor Pipelines

Struggling to move millions of rows of data efficiently and cheaply between databases? Still paying Fivetran or Airbyte prices? Come and see how much we saved Practicum and Metaplane move data efficiently, monitor their pipelines all whilst supporting schema changes.
Tuesday 4th of April

How To Offload Analytical Workloads From Your Postgres Or MySQL Database

Leverage the power of ClickHouse for subsecond analytics by replicating data from your Postgres to DoubleCloud.
Thursday 4th of May

How To Improve Spark & Databricks Price Performance For Analytical Queries

Many data analyts feel increased performance has to mean increased costs but it is possible to achieve more scenarios for less money…
Thursday 1st of June

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DoubleUp with DoubleCloud

Calling all Data Scientist, Data Engineers, CTO’s, Developers, CEO’s and anyone else looking to 'DoubleUp With DoubleCloud'.Monthly Webinar Series on Data Storage & Management.

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How it all started

We created the first managed ClickHouse service back in 2018, which currently has more than 500 customers.

Since 2021, we have been working with more than 100 companies helping them crunch data. These companies used a variety of tools like ClickHouse, BigQuery, Redshift, MySQL, Postgres, and Kafka.

With this experience, we have created a data platform to help any business build an end-to-end modern data stack and sub-second data analytics with fully managed open-source technologies like Clickhouse, Kafka, etc.

This would free up data engineers to focus on what they love doing. They will no longer need to spend time on tasks related to scaling, updates, installations, deploying additional software, and other tasks surrounding open-source technologies.